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"...a dramatic and emotional experience
that is utterly unique."

The Verge

You have received the last will and testament of a mysterious woman named Josie. Although you've never met, she has inexplicably entrusted her storage room to you, filled with decades of collected memories and cryptic secrets. Remnants of her entire life are all here in one place - left for you to discover.

As a young girl growing up in the 1960's, Josie was gifted a tape recorder for her 12th birthday and began documenting every part her life. But in her old age, she has become almost unrecognizable, warped by the tragic events of her past.

"The Nest" is an immersive experience in Los Angeles that gives you the freedom to investigate her story. Equipped with a flashlight, search through personal effects, explore your surroundings, and listen to audio cassettes to piece together the dramatic narrative of Josie's life.

"The Nest" has concluded its current run. Thank you to all who discovered Josie's story! Subscribe to our newsletter below for information about future shows:

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"...brings haunting intimacy and
eerie solitude to immersive theater."

Inside the Magic